Urban Tiny living

Live big go tiny

Everyone deserves the freedom to live a bigger better life, doing more of what they love, with the people that matter most.

What is a tiny house?

A Tiny House is a fully fledged dwelling built on a much smaller scale. Living Big and Going Tiny is a conscious choice to reduce the scale of your dwelling, meaning less cost, less outgoings and less clutter whilst living a bigger life with a fuller impact. 

By living in a Tiny House, you create more room in your life to do the things you love and have more meaningful experiences. A Tiny House is not the end goal, it’s more about having the means to create the life you want to live.

Why go tiny?

Urban Tiny Homes
Designed to fit seamlessly into the urban landscape, our tiny houses are aesthetically pleasing and can be used as a fully fledged home, temporary accommodation whilst building, granny flats, sleepouts, batches, man caves, she sheds, Airbnb, baches or anything else the heart desires.

We are dedicated towards legitimizing the Tiny House Movement and bringing tiny living to the Urban Environment.
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High Quality Houses
We have taken a ‘no compromise’ mantra to our tiny builds. Every tiny house includes beautiful styling, quality materials and well thought out designs that you can actually live in; enhanced by modern technology to fulfil your living experience.

We have taken the concept of a Multi Million Dollar house and shrunk it into a smaller footprint, creating highly affordable, easy to live in Tiny Houses that anyone would be proud to own.
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Freedom Lifestyle
Live Big Go Tiny is the mindset of living a bigger life, rather than owning a bigger home. In the 21st century people want freedom, flexibility and experiences - three things that Live Big Go Tiny thrives on.

We believe that everyone deserves the freedom to follow their passions and pursue their purpose. Living tiny gives people the financial freedom to follow these dreams by reducing outgoings, financial worry and debt.
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Why Go tiny with us?

Kyron and Jirre believe everyone deserves the freedom to live a bigger better life, doing more of what they love, with the people that matter most. They are driven to make ‘Going Tiny’ in the urban environment more accessible for the everyday person, by working with local and national government to legitimize the movement and removing the barriers that downsizers face, resulting in amazing kick ass Tiny Homes and Tiny Home communities.

Kyron Gosse

As a real estate futurist Kyron is paving the way for how we will live, utilising emerging trends and technology to democratise real estate, making it more accessible. 

An established author and owner of the Freedom Investor movement, Kyron’s vision is that someday everyone can have a home which produces its own electricity, collects water, grows its own food and costs little to nothing.

Jirre den Biesen

Jirre broke the mold of her European upbringing, to travel the world and find her jam. Today she works to build engagement in communities by sharing stories of what is possible and shining the light on inspiring “change makers” and visionaries.

Jirre takes a “say it as it is” approach to helping others to break free and live their lives , because nothing exciting ever happens when you play between the lines.

Who Else is Going Tiny?

The trend toward Living a Bigger Life by Going Tiny has become a social movement. People are choosing to downsize the space they live in, simplify and live with less. 

The Tiny House Movement is more than just living with less, or living in a small space, people are embracing the Freedom Lifestyle philosophy that comes with having a smaller footprint. 

Live Big Go Tiny is a lifestyle for anyone who is thinking about life simplification, self sufficiency, breaking the debt cycle or wanting to have more time and freedom to enjoy living in a bigger way.